if you have professional method what will you do ?
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Thread: if you have professional method what will you do ?

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    if you have professional method what will you do ?

    A profitable method can make a trader rich man. If you have profitable method the what will you do?

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    If I already have a profitable and professional method then I'd love refreshing in advance first, because this time I've really felt tired all learn forex, and i very need of a break, because I learn forex all day even last new year holiday 2012 i used for learning forex.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    If I have a profitable strategy I would be very glad because I know I deserve it, its a reward for my time and money invested, although o would be glad to give out free and possibly offer professional training online classes for traders like myself who are still trying to gain ground as a trader.

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    OI am doing Forex trading business from last three years and till now i am very experienced but still m not a professional Forex trader but if i get a chance to be a professional in Forex trading business than i always follow rules and regulations of Forex trading business and always keep patience so that i can earn lots of money and profits..

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    There is no such thing as a profitable method. One has to formulate a strategy for one's self suiting one's business or trading needs. But every time one formula or strategy will not be successful and it has to be changed and adapted according to the changing market and scenario.

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    If i have professional method i can earn a huge amount of money in a very short time and can become rich.But we must try to learn and gain knowledge about the Forex market to apply this method at right time.With professional method we also need patience,confidence and cool mind to trade successfully in this business.

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    the first thing we need to do, we have to know ourselves, what is the best thing for us, because i believe that all strategies were made for goodness at this business, and now all depend to us, can we do it with well ? and if yes, i will try it, and see the results, and then share all of them with free to all my friends or members forum

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    If I get a professional methods of trading which is profitable then I will start following the steps to get accustomed with that strategy on demo account and once fully confident of the tool for getting good results I will switch over to my real account trading to earn a lot of money.

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    Every trader in Forex market needs professional strategy or professional help from an expert trader, whether they make profit or loss in future, all trader want to become rich. Even I am expecting the same thing and hope I will be making good profit as I am taking expert recommendation from professional. So for new traders it is advised to take help from professionals before create any position.

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    If i have professional method for trading then i should be done the same work in the different way so I think that it should be better than the professional job.all trader want to become a rich man . .even i am expecting the same thing and hope i will be making good profit as i am taking expert recommendation From professional .

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