Various time frame various calculation.
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Thread: Various time frame various calculation.

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    Various time frame various calculation.

    I think have a big difference between every time frame. when 4 H time frame saying to buy at the time 1 day time frame saying to sell. what you think?

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    when talking about the timeframe I am very, very happy using M15 timeframe M15 timeframe because I think it is a very good timeframe for us to use for analysis of course, another timeframe I do not understand, but if to look at the trend I see in the minimum timeframe h1 and greatest in the timeframe d1

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    T ime frame can indeed be very useful for analysing price movement both for long term and short term entries.from my own little experience of trading the currency market I would say that the 15 minutes chart is best for scalpers and the 1hour cagrt is good for medium term entries such as targets of 100 pips and above while the day chart is for long term traders,not all time frame are very relevant I'm analysing the currency market, but some are the back bones of price movements in which market players pay attention too.

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    Ya its good to see and watch different time frames but as far as trading is concerned we must follow the time frame for which our strategy is tested and proven because if we check all the time frames together we will not be able to take any firm decision because every time frame has got its different settings so we must trade with our strategy.

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    This is very real fact that various time frame needs various analysis. With the target of H4 and D1 time frame, we can take help of M5, M15 and M30 chart. But, we need to analysis those chart also before placing any order. I am using MA and MACD indicator to predict the upcoming market movement.

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    The time frame recommendation comes from various type of rate averaging.
    If you are watching 4 h chart then the rates coming from the last 4 hour high/low, and open close and with volume etc.
    So never ever try to mix all chart and trade, you may biased, if you are trading with 1 day chart then that has different support and resistance level so different stop and different profit booking level.
    Even you can find difference in 1 minute and 5 minute chart.
    So when ever you get confirmed with your chart just create a position with proper stop loss and target price.

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    There are some indicators in the Forex market by using those the traders can continue their trading easily. The traders can work in the Forex market as much as they like. For this they need to know about the word various time various calculation. It plays a vital in the Forex market to conduct the business easily.

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    This is true idea that several period of time requires several investigation. while using goal involving h4 along with D1 period of time, you can get support involving M5, M15 along with M30 data . nevertheless, we should instead investigation those people data in addition ahead of setting just about any get.

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    Some of those businesses can easily use them to continue trading in the Forex market. Traders in the Forex market can work as much as they like. This accounts for the variety of sounds they need to know about different time. This is the easiest business to manage foreign exchange market plays a vital.

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