What kind of problems it effect on you in Forex?
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Thread: What kind of problems it effect on you in Forex?

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    What kind of problems it effect on you in Forex?

    As a beginners what kind of problem you are facing in forex market?

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    When I was still a newbie,I experienced lots of challenges such as constant loses which would end up in getting a margin call, I was inexperienced so my decision where not to my favor, I was very greedy and I thought that I could make it over night,trading forex isn't an easy business so you need to be prepared and motivated to overcome the challenges that comes with trading forex.

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    The problem i have in this business is personal, and this caused me many trading account, and it is the lack of working with my own plan. I could say that as i grows older in the forex business, i get more experience, and the problem that i faced in the business reduces. I know this because i takes records of all the things that i do in the business always.

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    Only 1 problem I face in Forex and the cause behind that problem is my own emotion and willing to make money by over night.
    When ever I made loss I learn from the mistake to avoid over trade but once I do 3-4 successful trading again increase my confidence level and I started creating lot many open position at a time by using high leverage which cause em again either big loss or fully loss by loosing whole invested amount.
    So only I can solve my problem and will do successive trading to make money.

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    In the beginner trader lack of planning is the most common problem that occur in the trading. So if we make the formal planning and set the target that we achieve so it is the best way of starting the trading.

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    A frequent problem I face is I often change the strategy that I use, so I often experience a loss because I do not know the weaknesses and strengths of the strategy I use. So I am now developing one strategy only so that I do not change the strategy in the future.

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    Actually Forex is very time consuming trading business and sometimes it may takes long time to earn lots of money or we can say profits...the problem that i face in the business is personnel and this is caused my many trading accounts.....and it is the lack of working with my own plan..so i quiet face some problems..

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    forex is a very risky business,it is also very time consuming trading business,so traders need to be patient in order to be successful.lack of working with my own plan is the problem faced by me along with many other traders who have the same problem...its a problem that has to be overcomed in order to earn huge profits in forex....

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    When i was newbie i was having lack of knowledge and experiences due to which i have faced lot of problems with.I face the problem lack of planning and strategy in my business,which causes huge loss in my business.But when i grow older in this business i learn and gain certain knowledge about this business and i am earning profit from this business.

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    I am using more risk sometimes and sometimes i did not used stop loss in trading which gives me much loss, this is the serious problem and because of this, i blows many trading accounts. I am doing trading in demo account in order to not do such mistake again and able to earn money confidently.

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