How To Control Your Emotion ?
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Thread: How To Control Your Emotion ?

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    How To Control Your Emotion ?

    I think my short experience that, emotion are the bad effect of trading style. If we emotion maximum time then we can be make faces a big losses. anybody knows how to control our emotion ?

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    If you want to control your emotion then of course you should be expert and experienced trader... In Forex market here is needed proper money management with better strategies... Even here is needed perfect risk management... Just learn perfectly then of course you will earn huge money from that market In saa Allah..
    ~~You have chance to be successful until Death.. So try hard till death~~

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    i think you must avoid looking at your charts too often once you entered your trades. Since we are in a subconscious state in front of our computers, emotions are likely to swing up and down at what we see. How many times have we suffered through the day only to end up winning! Was it worth the anxiety and stress in between? It is time and energy lost while we indulge in the emotional see-sawing. It is OK only if we are masochistic and relish in self-inflicted pain!

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    I used to control my emotions by making myself very relaxed when i was trading forex, so i drink coffee, and smoking in front my computer and monitoring forex chart, so I was more calm when I monitor my gains and losses in the forex trading, it is very relaxing once :D

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    Emotions are very harmful for trader while trading in Forex trading business.A trader is always advised not to trade with emotions as it can give negative results after trading.Emotions can be controlled by making own money management or trading strategies and trading with full confidence which an help a trader in making profits on a consistent basis.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Our emotions can indeed be a hindrance to our success In our trading career, so to be a successful trader yo need to out your emotions in check although as a newbiee this might take some time before you can properly handle your emotions.

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    Emotions in forex trade is the big problem to control, as our experience its not easy to control the emotion moreover after the big loss, to control them we have to keep high patience and achieve loss with relax mind so that we can do thinking as clearly

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    I have lost some money only because due to loose of emotion. although I was having good strategy to get successful trading. when I make some money in same day I got exited and try to double my invested amount in same day by trading frequently with multiple lot.
    which cause loosing of whole amount.
    But after that bad experience I start analyze my mistake and stay out of terminal, I spend more time on analysis and spend very less time watching price fluctuation which force me not to trade frequently.
    SO I suggest trade in less quantity, and try to avoid sitting infront of terminal for long period.

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    My friend we all know that it is really tough to control our emotions while trading in Forex trading, Because we all ways think that market could move to our way and we may be wrong or right, But sometimes it could harm our account. we can control our emotions by developing a winning strategy and if we can stick with the strategy then we can get success in Forex trading.

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    Emotions makes the man very weak and in trading emotions are very harmful which affect our trading system and if you want to become a good and best trader than you must avoid the emotions so that you can earn lots of money...we can control our emotions by developing a winning strategy and if we can stick with the strategy then we can get success in Forex trading.

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