Range Trading vs. Break out Trading
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Thread: Range Trading vs. Break out Trading

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    Range Trading vs. Break out Trading

    there are basically two types of short term traders - one who are comfortable to trade a range, and after break out they want until market sets in another range. Actually this type of trading is highly profitable because range traders can make multiple time profits with the same move as prices move in range back and forth.

    While ranges are to be broken, and break out traders keep an eye on the market and as soon as range is broken to either side they jump in to make fresh position in break out direction, this let them make handsome profits in very short period as due to the crowd mentality, market usually moves further in break out direction before going into correction.

    Please share your view about which type of trading you feel is better, and which type of trading range trading or break out trading you prefer?

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    Yes both analysis are really too important for every trader.. really it's really very essential for every trader to follow these... If any trader can be expert in breaking level and ranging market then he will earn huge money from that market In saa Allah..

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    Generally use the breakout trading, due to make an order on the breakout position, then I simply make the right management to control floating loss. While the trading range I rarely use, because I think the risk of loss that I get to do the trading range is much greater.

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    I prefer to trade price break out, which I would say is the best in terms of trading analysis,I have on several occasions traded price break out and it was very rewarding for me,for an experienced trader he or she would admit that hedging your positions while trading price break out can be a good way to reduce risks, I don't really like trading range market because you can't tell for sure the trend so deciding an entry point might be difficult.

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    I have also made good money several times due to range trading.
    Because due to range trading I get opportunity to book profit and again I re enter in to same currency pair if I get the my previous executed price. Also in that range trade you can average your position with out using stop loss for better pricing.
    Some time break out trade gives you very quick and big profit but that needs high level of skills to understand the market.

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    I am a long term trader, so I do not need to give an answer about which one that I choose, because you think that range trading and break out trading is for short term traders. But I have a different opinion with you. I think both are applicable also for long term trader. Just different periods of time and range.
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    the market has three pictures of movments or what we can acll three conditions
    1-uo ward market
    -down ward market
    -rangeable market : in which we can notice that the market has two or more stations which we call support and risistance levels
    some traders love to trade using that rangeable market for it is easy nad fast to tarde

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    range trading and break out trading are two most important type of trading system. in range trading we can make lot of profit but it would take much time. but it do not need much skill. in break out trading you can earn huge profit within a short time but you need to be very skilled.

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    i do not prefer range trading but i prefer breakout trading or trend trading ,because the direction of the market become more clear and so i can trade with high percentage of safety, but in range trading the direction of the market is not clear and so our analysis may be wrong and the market may go against us at any time and this may lead to loss

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