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    Market fundamentals are important even if trader prefers active intraday trading or even scalping. Each trader needs to understand the matters moving the price and the way in which different events may impact the behaviour of market participants. The simpliest way to use fundamental analysis is to avoid trading during the periods when the news are being released. It is quite easy to find information about it on numerous websites dedicated for trading. The markets could be extremely volatile during the first hour after the news, so it would be better for most of the traders, especially for newbies, to avoid trading in such periods, because the risk of being stopped out becomes very high.
    If the trader is going to become a mid-term trader or investor, the fundamental analysis becomes his main tool. The longer period of time trader stays in the position, the larger would be the number of matters influencing at it. Actually, leaving the position over the weekends, the trader exposes it to risk associated with unexpected events that may occur when the markets are closed and lead to the substantial gap which could be both either in favourable direction or in the opposite one. That is why it is necessary to evaluate all the risk to make sure that the stop is wide enough and the position is not too large to avoid huge losses.
    I absolutely agree if fundamental is very very important because any fundamental release affect to the market move. So we should learn many fundamental that make market continue or rijection when its release.

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    To professionalize Forex must sequence in learning so that the information is organized and we know its use well and in a correct way
    First of all, brother, we must read well about Forex lessons, the important thing is to start reading well to gain information and have a good knowledge of the initial Forex terms.
    Then we move on to watching videos that explain Forex and here it is easy for us to understand everything that is going on in the video because we have gained a background on Forex and we knew the terms that enabled us to decode the video.
    After this we choose a indicator or two we master them well and make a good strategy in line with the way we trade we choose the frim that we are working on and the pair that we work with and the best focus only one pair because the lesson is not in diversification but in focus follow one pair makes you know how to move well.
    After this we move to the experimental account to apply everything we have learned, no matter how long it is, it is according to the capacity of each trader possible for a year, 6 months or more.
    After all this we can move to the real account and start the real profit from the market and keep in mind the emotions also do not be afraid until we lose real opportunities and do not trust ourselves to the extent that we think that we are smarter than the market this is the biggest mistake and let's stay away from greed because it is the biggest danger to the trader and to set logical goals to keep us away greed.
    In all of this, capital management remains the most important, it is strategic and not part of the strategy and protects us from all risks even if we enter randomly

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    I agree, reading and understanding Forex can be very beneficial for a trader at the end of the day.
    It is important to have some good management technique which can be useful in the long run. I think capital and risk management are both important aspects when it comes to building strategies.

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    Value trader, thanks alot thats really opened my eyes

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