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Thread: What does it take to become professional trader?

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    key to success in forex trading is emotional control. if you've managed to dampen emotions, then 70% of success is yours. good strategy without a discipline (emotional control) would be meaningless.

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    To become a professional trader in forex business is not a child's play, you need to train yourself properly involve in rigorous practice and reading, you need to conquer fear and self so that emotions shouldn't be detecting for you, learn how to manage your capital and apply risk management to reduce losses and let patient rule over you.

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    professional trader always trades with a good plan and follow it without deviation, and so he adjust his risk and know how to choose the good trading conditions that increases the success rate, the professional trader also can read the chart better and so he can trade with efficiency and increase the earning in a regular manner with little risk and small loses.

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    If you take forex as profession then you can consider yourself as a professional forex trader but if you really want to earn like them also want to get success like them then you have to work a lot and you have to increase knowledge, trading skill and performance. Its not one day matter. Its big process which you have to follow slowly. But Be serious if you really want to do well in forex market.

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