Write the plan and follow it ?
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Thread: Write the plan and follow it ?

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    I think the trading plan is no use unless it is written down in the hard copy like on diary and have you plan in your head is a waste of time because when it come to crunch and you under pressure then you will forget so need to write out you plan and stick it beside your trading area or computer and have it on you all the time when trading.

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    Writing down your trading plan is a very good way of documenting about your trading career,its very important that as a forex trader you keep record of your trading strategy for the sake of references or correction, keeping track of your trading activities is the best way to establish your trading activitiesbecause that way yyou can tell for sure what your weak points and strong points are that way this would help you improve because you've identified what your mistakes are so you can work better in making things work out for you.

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    It is true that all trader must have to keep a trader's diary. This traders diary can make a trader more successful trader if he review his history of trading and if he continue to develop his strategy by reviewing his mistakes at past trading. And a trader's diary could help him.

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    I think trading plan is quite useful, because in the trading plan there are various steps we have to do in forex trading, including set up our capital, the strategy that we use, and money management that we use. Indeed, trading plans over longer be made in writing, so that we can see the changes and developments a trading plan that we have.

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    Yes it is true that Every trader should write the plan and follow it.Planning is a very important part of Forex trading.Every trader should write a plan and work according to the plan if he wants to achieve their organizational goal.If a trader has good planning,strategy and analysis then he can earn and to get success in this business.

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    The planning is the best option to trade .planning is the important part of the Forex trading business.Every trader should write a plan work according to the plan if he wants to achieve their organizational goal.If a trader has good strategy ,strategy and strategy and analysis then he can earn and to get success in the business.

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    that is totally true you must have a plane while trading Forex and you must follow your plane to make your profits or to face any loss so it is necessary to follow your plane to trade Forex successfully like all successful traders all over the world and i think being a technical trader will be the best way to make profits for along time .

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    When i want to do trade in forex business then before i am make good trading plan and write it .
    Beacuse i am believe this plan is very very important for forex every traders. Without good trading plan we can not get success in forex business. Right trading plan make our trade more profitable. So i am really make plan and after start work here.

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    Writing is just a process to remember, but I do not think you
    can follow the method you write on pen and paper, as Forex market is highly volatile and it will go either side ( may be favor you or against you) so always trade as per the situation not as per any fixed strategy. But need to maintain discipline to get success in Forex.

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    The first time I want to open an acct for fear of it when I was face first enemy. Yes, I failed many times, and then I learn about money management and trading plans. That helps me a lot Forex decrease my fears. I already know what will happen and what should I do if the market against me.

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