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Thread: With 5digit mt5 can we trade lot 0.001????

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    No, 5 digit has nothing to do with lot size but there is a way if you want to trade 0.001 lot on RoboForex
    Open Fix-Cent account and because of 0.01 lot = 1 lot cent account
    That's mean if 0.001 = 0.1 lot cent account

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    As far as i know the minimum lot we can trade in MT5 is 0.01 lot, not shorter than that. In that sense we can not trade 0.001 or 0.0001 or below that. I think 0.01 is the should be the shortest lot for trading.

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    no, we can not trade with the lot size of .001 even if we have the mt5 with five decimal digit points because the lot size is something which is set by the broker not according to the decimal digit, so it is clear that it is never going to happen in any broker site.

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    It is true that trading below 0.01 lot is not possible though meta trader 5 is so much easy , flexible and helpful for trader. Meta trader 5 shows pips in 5 decimals but it dose not mean that you can trade with 0.00001 lot. Rather than 5 decimals means by trading in this platform you can earn a little amount profit as like only one cents per pips.

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    No, i think this is not possible in the MT5 terminal . if you want to make the lots size low , than you can make per lot size at least .01 which is called per cent but not less than low . There have some standard which have to be followed by you . From the many brokers service , they provide you cent account , that time you may use that as if the roboforex also give you the cent account . but that is for mt4 platform , not for mt5 . i hope , you understand what am i saying to you.

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    It is possible to trade 0.0001 of the market lot with roboforex on a cent account. Cent accounts such a great flexibility and roboforex is one of those wonderful forex brokers who allow such low volumes. Your query asked about 0.001 of the market lot. With roboforex it is possible to trade 1/10th of what you have asked for, on a MT5 platform. The minimum deposit required is just $100.

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    i dont believe it is possible to trade.001. the minimum i have seen so far is .01. the .001 is a precision system, the majour purpose is for you to be able know ahead of the .01 user the direction of the market. the forex precisions are working thesame way with the forex of other account with 4digit pips.

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    no it is not possible to trade with 0.001 lot , only the minimum amount that you can trade and you can use is 0.01 and i think this in all brokers. In out mt4 and 5 digit server I think we can give 0.01 lot size not the 0.001 lot size. so you can't trade with 0.001 lot with a 5 digit mt5

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    Dear fried i think it's not possible because 3 desgite code fill the $ .so you don't try to trade with this condition

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    I think it is not possible. It is true that trading below 0.01 lot is not possible though, mt4 is so easy. It is the perfect away.

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