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Thread: With 5digit mt5 can we trade lot 0.001????

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    Quote Originally Posted by taharoyal52 View Post
    No my friend. It is not possible to trade 0.001 lot at all.
    5 decimal place doesnt mean you can trade with small lots . The last small lot tradeable is 0.01 which means 1cents per pip.
    Apart from this, there is no smaller lot size available.

    I hope you understood :)
    Rightfully said there my friend,I believe that the lowest volume par trade is 1 cent par pip,like seriously what can be below a cent so that's the lowest you can get on a 1 pip move,although your leverage defines how much youll get per lot.so understand the available leverage your broker has provided for you,to be able to manage risk.

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    I think that the 5 decimal places will only affect the way the spread is calculated, it will increase the value of the spread by a multiple of 10 as compared to the spread in mt4. I dont think it has any significance to lot, but it will affect the way profit is made.

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    Actually there is no price quote with this lot you are noted up. everything is calculated by unit.a standard lot unit means 1 lac unit.then we can divide it by 100, it'a maximum. so the minimum lot size is 1000 unit.means approx value of 1 pips is almost 10 cent. actually there is no price for 100unit lot.it only possible with a genuine dealer intervention broker.

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    Yes, This give more control in traders hand they can learn to trade with this lot size. if the lot size is 0.001 then our profit will very low. If you liked to trade with last digit with your lot size, then you scared of the market movement and will surely face re quotes problem.

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    I think if the trader has the low value then he can also make his trade at the low volume if the trader has the 4 digit trading value then he can also trade at the .01 trading volume and if he chose the 5 digit trading then he can also trade at .001 trading volume

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    I have read that there are many types of forex brokers, and the condition they give for their business are different too. It is the broker that will choose that to be what they want to be using, it the mt5 trading platform itself. What you do not know is that they have their specifications for the platform making companies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khimi234 View Post
    NO my dear friend I don't think so that you will able to make a lot size of 0.001 trade with 5 digit broker so please avoid that and use a good lot size at least you can check with live chat option for more detail they will tell you everything about your lot size friend
    This is what many forex traders does not know till now, it is very possible,even with the mt4 it is possible, not to talk of the mt5 trading platform that is higher in speculation than the mt4. But the things is the choice of the broker that is handling the trdaing platform, if they want to have that with it as service for their client, it will be done at their end.

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    it is very good my friend that you ask before you make any mistake , i really respect that and that is what you really have to do when you have something in your mind and it is not clear and you want to make it clear before you do anything wrong , replying to your question , no it is not possible to trade with 0.001 lot , only the minimum amount that you can trade and you can use is 0.01 and i think this in all brokers , i have tried so many and i never found less than that

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    My friend I have little experience in MT5 and I have vast knowledge on MT4, Without knowing a terminal environment it is not a good idea to give order. In my mt4 and 5 digit server I think we can give 0.01 lot size not the 0.001 lot size and we can take minimum profit from that.

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    no, you can't trade with 0.001 lot with a 5 digit mt5, until or unless your broker allow it. because 5 digit means your profits and losses will be calculated with the pipets points not the pips. if your trading account is 4 digit's then the movement of last digit is called the pip movement and if your trading account is 5 digit's then the last digit's movement is called the pipets movement. this is the only difference between the 4 digit's and 5 digit's trading account.

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