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Thread: With 5digit mt5 can we trade lot 0.001????

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    i will like to point out is actually in which; it is not the company in which forms the particular programs that makes alterations connected with characteristic entirely on their own trading programs, it does not take teaching in the business in which wishes to partner using them using the platform.

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    Is it possible?
    I don't think that its possible to take 0.001 lot size that is looking too small lot size and no 5 digit broker will give you a facility to do trade with this lot size I am trading with robot forex broker and I don't think that they have 0.001 lot size service available for anyone.

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    Yes MT4 trading software is also can be used for trading but mt4 is better than mt5 . use trading criteria according to metatrader 4 but you cannot use a mini lot 0.001 the minimum lot in trading for every trading plateform in every broker is 0.01 and maximum trading would be any amount and I want to request you please don't post bogus comments like you post 0.001 trading lot, if you really trade in Forex trading you cannot post this wrong figure please correct your comment and read before posting, so that anyone who read your comment can earn some information some knowledge about trading not post for only earning.

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    It is true that trading below 0.01 lot is not possible though meta trader 5 is so much easy , flexible and helpful for trader. Meta trader 5 shows pips in 5 decimals but it dose not mean that you can trade with 0.00001 lot
    you can trading with small lot start from 0,1 lot with same valuse as 0.001 lot in standard account

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    dear friend I don't think so that you will able to make a lot size of 0.001 trade with 5 digit broker
    it is not the company that builds the platforms that makes changes of feature directly on their trading platforms, it is the instruction of the company that wants to partner with them using the platform, so, it is the company that will enable the lot sizes that will apply on that account

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