A good trader always follow money management you see. But one another thing is very important is risk management. Also some new trader do not understand the different between money management and risk management. So today, I will give some theory on this topic.

Money Management Refer to you manage your money. How you spent, How many time, How long etc. Actually the divided of your time and profit is money management.

On the other hand, we use risk management to divided our capital in some parts of amount. It also refer with %. Also we refer it, How much we want to gain against we take the risk.

Main Idea:
The main idea of Money Management is really very large. Actually It include all the thing of forex success. But Risk management is just a part on Money management.

So we can say,
Money Management = Risk Management + Timeframe + gain pips (price movement) + loss management.

On the risk management theme, we can see, we take risk some % on our capital. Money management keep the risk on that % we make part from the amount of risk.

The proper method to describe money management and risk management is, how we control our money. Let’s see, we invest 1000$ in standard account. We take the 2% risk for one trade. That means we take 20$ risk for per trade. Now think about it, How much you want to gain against 20$. I think 30$ is good in ratio of 1:1.5 (Risk Return Ratio).

I think now you clear about it because both are not same. Risk management comes before money management but it’s a part of money management also.