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Thread: Can we use ctrader on our computer / laptops?

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    Can we use ctrader on our computer / laptops?

    This is a question that most of the traders don't know, even I didn't know it before I used it, I heard about ctrader and then thought that this is some kind of application and need mobile phone or android, this was my misconception, actually I didn't know about ctrader exactly, and when I saw that practically then I realized that this is a trading platform just like meta trader.

    I want to tell all the traders that it is similar to meta trader, if you are an old trader, you will not face difficulties during trading, this is a quick trading solution, you can trade with just one click, and the main thing that I love in ctrader is, there isn't any requote. Do you have any kind of experience regarding ctrader?

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    Yeah definitely you can use this c trader on you laptop, computer and your mobile phones easily. You are only need to install the internet browser and login into your member area and then choose the c trader web trader. You cannot download it you can use it only with web browser and trade to login into your member area. In this way this is most secure way of trading on forex market.

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