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Thread: The mind of a winning trader

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    The mind of a winning trader

    Hello, traders.

    My name is Stanislav Bernukhov, I present you series of educational webinars, concerned trading using naked price chart and common sence.
    I'm trading currencies since 2004, and I've gone through all typical issues every trader faces with.

    The first webinar (I think the most important one) is about mindset of a trader. A lot of things have been said about "trading psychology". You know all those common shortcuts: "be more patient, be more disciplined", "plan the trade and trade the plan" and so on.

    But HOW to actually become more disciplined and patient? Rational arguments don't give you any clue - what you should do on a daily basis?

    In this webinar I will share with you methods and techniques that really work, professional traders all over the world successfully employ them and achieve great results.

    This thread is for your quesions and suggestions about this webinar. Feel free to drop comments and feedback

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