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Thread: Questions related the funds withdrawal

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    Questions related the funds withdrawal

    Questions and answers related the funds withdrawal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Support manager View Post
    The bonus programmes you are talking about indeed imply some withdrawal restrictions.
    While you have active Tradable Protection funds on your account, your funds are divided into two segments: your own funds and Tradable Protection funds. Example: you deposited 500 USD and received 250 USD of the bonus, so your funds are divided like: 66% of your own funds and 33 % of bonus funds. Then you earn 100 USD. So this profit is divided accordingly: 66% of it goes to the segment of your own funds, 33% goes to the segment of the bonus funds. So you can withdraw only the percentage that goes to the segment of your own funds However,the sum off Tradable Protection and the sum of the deposit, which received extra funds, becomes available for withdrawal only after the Client makes the trading volume (in standard lots) equal to: <Number of lots> = <The Tradable Protection sum in USD>
    The ratio between these two parts is used for further calculations. The ratio is recalculated after each balance operation (deposit (with or without Tradable Protection) / withdrawal) and each time the Tradable Protection is cancelled or the requirements of the program are fulfilled.
    In case of "Classic Bonus" until the same requirements for the trading volume are fulfilled, the Client can withdraw from the account only the available profit, which is calculated based on Free Margin on the account according to the following formula:
    <The profit available for withdrawal> = <Free Margin> - <The total sum of all active
    Bonuses> - <The total sum of the deposits, which received Bonuses> More here:

    Extra funds, however, are not imposed upon you, and it remains up to you whether to receive them or not.
    well thanks for your timely reply but i have never deposited any amount in my bonus account so the part of percentage calculation should not apply and around two month ago when i got back to the forum there was an extra fund of 14$ which was still processing from 2014 and got a bonus of 20.20$ and so i had to make my profits to 35$ and so can withdraw the above profits with i did successfully twice.but i tried to contact the customer care department and they told me that only above the 35$ is with drawable and if i cancel the extra funds the bonus will also be canceled.but i was surprised when i had withdrawn a bonus of 28$ but when i received it in my trading account i was imposed again with an extra fund of 27$ which now meant that i had to reach 45$ so that i can withdraw anything above it please cancel this extra funds for me or show me how i account number is 756677

    and another question is can you be able to make a bonus withdrawal if you got a margin call in the previous month for there used to be a one month gap within a margin call?

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    The information does not correspond to the account number you provided. As far as we can see on this account there were only several instances of forum bonuses and promo margin, all were cancelled by stop out. No deposit bonuses are recorded.

    As for the deposit bonuses - as stated, company does not impose any bonuses. One can select simple deposit or bonus on deposit page, in case bonus is selected one also has to explicitly agree to bonus rules by putting a check mark in a respective box.

    For bonus withdrawals, in case you mean completed bonuses or deposit withdrawals after bonuses are cancelled, there are no restrictions, especially based on margin call. For active bonuses restrictions provided in their terms and conditions apply.

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