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Thread: Questions about stock accounts

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    Questions about stock accounts

    "Dear Traders!

    You can ask all your questions regarding stock accounts on umstel trading platform in this thread.

    Provider of this new technology is Umstel, a web-oriented trading platform from Hong Kong. For RoboForex Stocks clients, Umstel platform is absolutely free-of-charge. It provides opportunities for trading a great number of stocks and ETFs (more than 8,000). The key benefit is that orders are done based on the last done price, based on the price/time priority (not Bid/Ask prices), and that orders could be displayed on the chart. Real exchange quotes are delivered directly into the platform, without any additions to the spread, the level of which is from 1 cent. A trading instrument for clients is a CFD. The platform automatically supports all corporate events, including dividends, splits, and mergers.
    RoboForex Stocks will be suitable for traders with deposits of any amount, who use both long-term and short-term strategies. The key factor for all platform users, which guarantees them stable conditions for trading stocks, is the transparency of the services provided by RoboForex and their competitive performance.

    One of the project’s distinctive features is the service that provides trading ideas, which is available to any participant. The service is sure to be interesting for both beginner investor and experienced traders as it may help to find advice from professional market players and subscribe to them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bilalmax View Post
    [lang=ar]hi could anyone advise me on trading a stock account. what is the minimum required amount to trade and start earning some real dollars?[/lang]

    Updated information about trading conditions for stock accounts can be found on the Stocks page here

    For now a minimum of 100 USD is required to start trading, with which you can start to trade CFDs on 8,700 Stocks, Indices, Forex and ETFs, Cryptocurrencies.

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