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Thread: Copy Fx Trading Journal Hukam

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    Copy Fx Trading Journal Hukam

    Trader: Hukam
    Account number: 5166087
    Server name: RoboForex Pro-Cent
    Account type: CopyFx Pro-Cent
    Leverage: 1:75
    Budget: 100.00 USD

    Offer description:

    Offer scheme: Trader on profit
    Add date: 13 May 2016 16:15:39
    Start date: 13 May 2016 16:15:39
    End date: 12 May 2017 00:00:00
    Risk level: Minimum
    Commission for profit: 30 %
    Pie size: 300 USD
    Trading strategy: Support and Resistance

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    Quote Originally Posted by sameeh View Post
    i want to say that risk management is the soul of trading and if you keep the risk little then you will survive for long time in the market and make money and if you keep trading with big risk you will lose again and again, forex is not an easy business and we will not be able to manage it all time and one wrong trade can lead to loss of the whole account.
    Risk is very important part of forex and our earning is depend on our risk. No one can make money from forex until they are take risk in their trading. if we are follow the risk management then we can easily get the high earning from this business. So we are must need to focus on these things and if our risk management is good then we can easily get the high earning from this business easily.

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    Market support and resistance levels trading is very helpful for us and if we are use them in our trading ten we can make easily good profit from this market. That is reason mostly traders are like to use this trading strategy. I also use this trading strategy in my trading and this trading strategy is very helpful for me to make easily high profit from this market within very short time period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hukam View Post
    Actually I closed the trade little bit earlier and have closed the trade with $5 Profit at the end, its still not a bad amount at all. The risk was also bigger there, so I had decided to close it quickly after the reversal movement in the pair, now I want to just focus on wait and watch strategy and would like to place few more trades this week, may be on Friday. Keeping patience till then by the way thanks for commenting.
    This is your latest post on this journal, while you waiting for more trade in week but till now we don't see you anymore on this journal. But still I thank you for this trading journal, your strategy is more interesting than my estimation. Your style in holding your running profit position was cool. I hope you get back as soon as possible and continue with this strategy.

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