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Thread: Forex - "Fraud" or "Improvidence"

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    Forex - "Fraud" or "Improvidence"

    Forex - "Fraud" or "Improvidence"

    Forex - "Fraud" or "Improvidence"
    : when these concepts are contiguous, and when it derived one from another?

    In order to simplify us the understanding of this question, let's define each of these concepts.

    So, the "fraud" - is the theft or acquisition of rights to someone else's property, including funds and other benefits by deception or abuse of trust. This deception can be both passive and active form.
    The passive form of deception - is a deliberate omission of any facts (events of reality), while the active form of deception - is a conscious distortion of the truth (reality).

    Under the "improvidence" is often understood the negligent, carefree, short-sighted attitude to the events happening around.
    The concept of "improvidence" is closely connected with the concept of "inattention" .

    Regarding the Forex market, there are present both concepts.
    Fraud at Forex - it is one of the most prosperous areas. And believe, it is “a vast sphere for action”. The lack of clear legislative framework governing relations at Forex currency market, «let off the leash»to many people.
    If we consider scope of activity at the Forex market the so-called scammers can be divided into several groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sameeh View Post
    forex is not a fraud and it is a real business and so the trader can trade with it and make money, but there are some fraud brokers that take the money of the traders and and go away, so the trader should choose the trusted broker to be able to invest his money safely and make money easily, the people that say that forex is a fraud do not know anything about forex.
    I prefer to use multiple perspective on seeing on forex as the real business, because I think forex is not move the real economics, the real thing is not available in forex trading. So when we see on forex is real business it is real business, because forex is creating money and we use those money to buy things, but if we see forex does not move and not create the real econimics real, forex is not real business, just number and derrivative speculative trading.

    But I 'm moderat here, I love forex trading, because forex trading create the more money

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