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Thread: From $1 to $1000000

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    Cool From $1 to $1000000

    Hi everyone. It’s a crazy idea, but I’ll try. 5 years of very aggressive trade... so, It will be intresting. At first I’ll be trading at the forex market, and then at the stock market.

    There are no rules, just aggressive trading without money management observation.

    In case I lose one dollar, I create a new account and so on ad infinitum till I finally earn $1 000 000. I’m eager to make an ideal return schedule.

    The first attempt is start. Account 172799.

    The main goal is self-improvement, psychological work, fixing bad qualities that are revealed by the market. Money is the second target.

    I will be posting my weekly reports and describe aggressive trading mistakes and other thoughts.
    Thank you very much for your support!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANANDCHENNAI View Post
    Of course handsome earnings can be made from Forex, but we have to do the required work sincerely and not get carried away by greed during trading. In trading we should ensure that we have a strong psychology that is free of emotions. When a trader can master his trading system and his psychology at that time he can trade Forex making good sense and of course good profits.
    Trading is not so hard, but many traders are not taking it easy, that is why i know that we are the one that will determine if we will make it by trading forex or not. And like i was told, when traders can take care of their trading system and management, they have done what is required of them to be successful. And a good psychology will help too.

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